About Ambea

Ambea is the market leading care provider in Scandinavia, with over 950 units and around 30,000 employees.

Within the Ambea group, we provide housing, support, education and personnel for health and social care. We aim to be the quality leader in everything we do and our vision is to make the world a better place, one person at a time.

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Ambea – the competence-based company

Ambea has 30,000 employees who are creating a good life for every care receiver in our 950 units across Scandinavia.
pictogram sun with text Vison We make the world a better place on person at a time

Vision, core values and mission

Ambea’s set of values, Our World, provides a stable platform for all of the Group’s employees. It consists of our vision, our mission and our values: respect, simplicity, responsibility and knowledge.
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Our history

The history of Ambea is, above all, the history of each of our separate operations. The oldest started at the beginning of the 20th century – in other words over 100 years ago.