Vision, core values and mission

Ambea’s set of values, Our World, provides a stable platform for all of the Group’s employees. It consists of our vision, our mission and our values: respect, simplicity, responsibility and knowledge.

Our World provides the basis for an organisation where everyone is moving in the same direction and creates pride in our shared mission: to support and assist our care receivers in the best way possible.

Our World is an important foundation for everything, from the first recruitment interview through the entire employment process with salary reviews, daily discussions and decisions. It reminds us all of why our company exists, the core of our mission and how we should treat each other. Not least, Our World provides practical everyday guidance – something that every employee can fall back on, together with procedures, processes and concepts.

Effective leadership is essential for the function and development of Ambea’s operations. A distinctive feature of leadership in Ambea is hands-on managers who are engaged in the day-to-day activities of their employees.

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The Code of Conduct: Our ethical guidelines

Ambea’s Code of Conduct is based on our core values of respect, responsibility, simplicity and knowledge, and serves as an ethical guideline for how Ambea, as a company, and its employees carry out their daily work. Its purpose is to strengthen Ambea’s business culture, our everyday routines, our discussions and our decisions.

Our code sets a standard for all of us: we adhere to a policy of zero tolerance for all types of offensive or discriminatory behavior on the grounds of disability, gender, sexual orientation, social background, age, nationality or religious beliefs. For us it is self-evident that everyone is treated equally and receives the same opportunities. This applies to care recipients and those close to them, all of Ambea’s employees, those who commission our services, and other stakeholders working in partnership with Ambea.

The Code of Conduct also functions as an umbrella guideline for other policies and documents that guide our work. It is based on international frameworks such as ILO conventions and the UN’s sustainability goals, convention on human rights and Global Compact principles for doing business.

All new employees are required to sign the Code of Conduct.