Would you like your company to become part of our group?

Are your company facing a change of ownership? Would you like your company to become part of Ambea? All our activities are part of one of our divisions – Nytida, Vardaga, Stendi and Altiden – but are operated as independent units. With our size and financial resources, we are able to offer growth and development opportunities for companies and units.

What we are looking for

We are looking for companies that share our vision and our values. We aim to be a well-functioning organisation, with focus on delivering high-quality social care services that could complement current activities within Ambea.

For us to be able to deliver health and social care services of the highest quality, we need skilled employees who enjoy their work. For this reason, for us to consider your company, you must have committed employees and an organisation with delegated responsibility and management.

What would being part of Ambea mean?

Each of our divisions have a decentralised organisation where operational decisions are made at levels close to our clients and our health and social care recipients.

We strive to have the best employees in the industry. So that our employees can develop and thrive with us, they are offered individual skills development through our training organisation Lära (Learn). Ambea offers great opportunities for career development. Ambea has operational units throughout Scandinavia. This makes it easy for our employees to change workplace within the company.

Within our divisions, there are many collaborations with regard to occupancy, skills development and the exchange of experience with other regions as well as within the Ambea group.


Please send us an e-mail forvarv@ambea.se