What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website. You can change your browser settings to not permit cookies being saved on your computer, or you can manually delete cookies afterwards. You can also use your browser’s incognito  mode, which deletes any cookies when the browser closes. Read more in the help pages of your browser.

Why does Ambea.com use cookies?

Ambea uses cookies to understand how the site is used. An example of this could be to determine if you are an editor, visitor or if you want to log in to our site. We also use cookies to study how many people visit our site and what they do. We do this to develop and improve the site so that visitors get a better experience.

What cookies does Ambea.com use?


We collect information about how visitors use our site with Google Analytics. The information is collected in anonymous form and stored by Google in accordance with their privacy practices. Ambea has chosen the shortest time period (14 months) for storage. Here you can learn more about how Google Analytics deals with data security and security.


We use cookies from our content management system WordPress to determine if you are an editor or visitor.

By having your computer set to allow cookies and using Ambea.com, you agree to Ambea’s use of cookies as described in this information.