The auditor shall review the company’s annual reports and accounts, as well as the board of directors and the CEO’s management. Following each financial year, the auditor is to submit an audit report and an audit report for the consolidated financial statements to the annual shareholders’ meeting.

Ernst & Young AB was appointed Ambea’s auditor at the annual shareholders’ meeting. Mikael Sjölander is the auditor in charge.
Ernst & Young AB’s office address is Jakobsbergsgatan 24, SE-103 99 Stockholm, Sweden. Ernst & Young AB has been Ambea’s auditor since 2009.

Mikael Sjölander

  • Partner at EY and authorized public accountant since 2003
  • Member of i FAR (institute for the accountancy profession in Sweden)
  • Year of birth: 1973
  • Other audit assignments: Aleris and Praktikertjänst, among others
Mikael Sjölander, revisor