Board of Directors

The board of directors’ main task are to attend to the company’s and the shareholders’ interests, appoint the CEO and be responsible for the company’s compliance with applicable laws, the articles of association and the Code.

The board of directors applies written rules of procedure that are revised annually and adopted by the inaugural board meeting every year. Among other things, the rules of procedure govern the board’s practices, duties and the division of work between the members of the board and the CEO. In connection with the inaugural board meeting, the board of directors also adopts instructions for the CEO, including instructions for financial reporting.

The board of directors meets according to an annual predetermined schedule. In addition to these meetings, additional board meetings can be convened to handle issues that cannot be postponed until the next ordinary board meeting. In addition to the board meetings, the chairman of the board and the CEO discuss the management of the company on an ongoing basis.

The company’s board of directors consists of six ordinary members and three employee representatives with two employee representative deputies.

Members of the Board of Directors

portrait Yrjö Närhinen white shirt blue jacket

Yrjö Närhinen

Portrait of Gunilla Rudebjer in brown blazer

Gunilla Rudebjer

Board Member
portrait Daniel Björklund white shirt, lightblue tie black jacket

Daniel Björklund

Board Member
portrait Samuel Skott white shirt blue jacket

Samuel Skott

Board Member
portrait Hilde Britt Mellbye lightblue patterned blouse dark jacket

Hilde Britt Mellbye

Board Member
portrait Dan Olsson light shirt blue jacket

Dan Olsson

Board Member
portrait Patricia_Briceno black sweater black necklace

Patricia Briceño Rodriguez

Employee representative
portrait Haralampos Kalpakas grey sweater

Charalampos Kalpakas

Employee representative
portrait Magnus Sällström red bow tie, blue sweater brown jacket

Magnus Sällström

Employee representative
portrait Martin Rönnlund olivegreen shirt brown jacket

Martin Rönnlund

Employee representative
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Board committees

Audit Committee

Ambea’s Audit Committee monitors the company’s financial reporting and the efficiency of the company’s internal controls and risk management. The committee stays informed about the audit of the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, and reviews and monitors the impartiality and independence of the auditor and assists in preparations for purchases of auditing services as and in connection  the shareholders’ meeting’s decision on the election of auditors.

Members of the Audit Committee:

  • Gunilla Rudebjer (chairman)
  • Yrjö Närhinen
  • Daniel Björklund
  • Samuel Skott

Remuneration Committee

Ambea has a remuneration committee which shall prepare proposals on remuneration principles, remuneration amounts and other employment terms for the CEO and executive management.

Members of the Remuneration Committee:

  • Yrjö Närhinen (chairman)
  • Gunilla Rudebjer
  • Daniel Björklund

Quality and Sustainability Committee

Ambea’s Quality and Sustainability Committee shall ensure that the board fulfills its responsibility in matters relating to quality and sustainability of material significance for the company. At committee meetings the members discuss the quality of the Nytida, Vardaga, Stendi and Altiden divisions as well as their development.

Members of the Quality and Sustainability Committee:

  • Dan Olsson (chairman)
  • Yrjö Närhinen
  • Hilde Britt Mellbye
  • Daniel Björklund