Information and communication

Ambea has communication and information channels aimed at making it possible for relevant information to be spread quickly and appropriately, both internally and externally. 

The communication structure is based on that relevant information shall be communicated in the right way, to the right recipient and at the right time. To communicate relevant information, both upwards and downwards in the organisation and to external parties, is an integrated part of Ambea’s operative governance and an important part of good internal control. It is the responsibility of the management to secure that the persons managing processes within Ambea have sufficient knowledge of the material risks and the control activities related thereto in the specific process. In addition, there is an established work practice to ensure that an employee reports defects and deviations discovered with regard to control even if such have been corrected. The purpose is to obtain a comprehensive view of how the work is performed and be able to take measures and make improvements in the processes.