Licence requirements and regulatory supervision

Ambea conducts various activities that sometimes require a license, or accreditation/approval from various authorities in all three countries (Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

The authorities also conduct regular inspections of our units, which is standard procedure in the exercise of official authority. Ambea welcomes inspections and monitoring by authorities and clients. We see this as an opportunity to develop and improve our services, and appreciate being able to engage in trusting and constructive dialogue with authorities and clients. Ambea has more than 50 inspections by various authorities every quarter. We report all notifiable events and the results of the inspections transparently in each quarterly report.

Information about licenses for our activities

In Ambea, a license or accreditation is normally granted for a specific unit (such as a nursing home or a residential LSS facility). We also have activities that do not require a license. You can find our various licenses in the overview below.

Division/countryType of activityLicense issuerLicense granted forShare of division’s sales
Vardaga, SwedenNursing homesIVOIndividual unit90%
 Home care servicesIVOLicense per company< 10%
Nytida, SwedenResidential facilities for various social care servicesIVOIndividual unit80%
 LSS day care servicesIVOIndividual unit10%
 Schools (resource provision/special needs schools, as well as secondary)Swedish Schools InspectorateIndividual unit5%
Klara, SwedenStaffing/Student health services/Mobile TeamsNo license required  
Stendi, NorwayResidential facilities for various social care servicesNo license required 50%
 Residential child careBufetatIndividual unit35%
 Personal assistance (BPA)No license required 10%
Altiden, DenmarkNursing homesAccreditation from the Danish Health AuthorityIndividual unit 
 Residential facilities for various social care servicesApproved by the Danish Social Supervision AuthorityIndividual unit 
 Non-residential social careNo license required

Risk management

There may be a risk that a unit does not comply with its license conditions due to, for example, a changed target group or a managerial change. This can lead to a remark, a demand for change, or in very rare cases, the withdrawal of a license. Ambea mitigates this risk by continuously checking compliance internally via self-assessments that take place at several levels of the company, and via internal quality inspections. Should authorities or clients identify cases of non-compliance in inspections, the measures are carefully monitored as part of existing follow-up processes.

The licenses for Ambea’s activities are usually granted for an individual unit, which means that a withdrawn license would have a very limited financial impact on the Group. However, this could affect the care receivers who live in the unit, their family members, the municipalities that offer places in the unit and the employees who work there. Each unit and license is linked to one of Ambea’s subsidiaries. An overview of the Group’s subsidiaries can be found in Note G28 of the Annual Report.

Ambea does not provide any personal assistance services in Sweden or Denmark.