Management Team

The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is appointed by the Board and manages the operations in accordance with the terms of reference adopted by the Board.

The members of the Management Team

portrait Mark Jensen white shirt black jacket

Mark Jensen

CEO and president
portrait Benno Eliasson lightblue shirt, blue jacket

Benno Eliasson

portrait Ulla Tansen blue blouse dark suit

Ulla Tansen

Chief Operational Excellence Officer
Porträtt Susanne Sjöberg

Susanne Sjöberg

Managing Director Vardaga
portrait Fredrik von Malmborg dark sweater

Fredrik von Malmborg

Managing Director Nytida
portrait Ingvild Kristiansen in white blouse

Ingvild Kristiansen

Managing Director Stendi
Christian Horne in blue shirt and dark blazer

Christian Horne

HR and Sustainability
portrait Mark Jensen white shirt black jacket

Vacant, Mark Jensen responsible during recruitment period

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