Invest in Scandinavia’s leading competency-based care company

As a shareholder of Ambea, you are investing in sustainable and high-quality welfare in Scandinavia, and our aim is to be the most attractive care investment over time.

  • Growing need: The need for care will increase, driven by a growing and ageing population, and regardless of the economic climate.
  • Market leader: Ambea is a market leader in all three Scandinavian countries.
  • Quality and competence: Continuous investments in quality and leadership. Sector-specific specialised solutions via Klara and Lära, and well-developed care concepts that create quality and economies of scale.
  • Growth: Ambea creates growth by opening new residential facilities, bolt-on acquisitions, winning public tenders and developing new care services.
  • Balanced risk: Diversified care portfolio with a range of services and 450 municipal clients across three countries.
  • Cash flow and dividends: Long history of strong cash flows and stable dividends.



8-10 %



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