Ambea as an employer

Every day, our thousands of employees are helping and supporting the people in our units. Our vision is to make the world a better place, one person at a time. Hands-on managers, continuous competence development and a strong set of values are key factors.

One of top employers in Sweden

For the second consecutive year, Ambea was included on Universum’s top 50 list of Sweden’s Most Attractive Employers. Every year, employees in Swedish companies and organisations take part in the Most Attractive Employers in Sweden survey. The survey measures how satisfied employees are with their employers, based on criteria including loyalty and career opportunities, and whether they would recommend their employer to a friend.

Badge, top 50, Sweden's Most Attractive Employers

Career with Ambea

Ambea is a major employer with many opportunities for employees to develop, make a career or switch roles within the Group.

  • We strive to recruit at least seven of ten managers internally. That enables us to harness valuable organisational
    competence and ensures smooth transitions whenever new managers start.
  • There are many roles in our units that require expertise, including scheduling, activities, diet and dementia, which gives our employees an opportunity to take responsibility for a specific area. They receive extra training and can then provide support for their colleagues and manager in their area of expertise.

Training that makes a difference

We want to give our employees the opportunity to continuously develop in their professional roles. Through our training organisation, Lära, we are developing the competence of our own employees as well as our sector.

A distinctive feature of Lära is the focus on knowledge that makes a difference for employees in their day-to-day work. This could include dementia care certification for the entire facility, health and safety training, the low-arousal approach, diet and nutrition, or other topics that are relevant on an everyday basis. All of Lära’s instructors have long experience in clinical patient care, giving them unique insight into the everyday experience of our employees.

All managers in the Group undergo regular training in active and value-based leaderchip. A distinctive feature of Ambea’s leadership is hands-on managers who are engaged in the day-to-day activities of their employees.

Collaborations for recruitment

We engage actively with several school ins areas such as work experience. Ambea wants to be the first choice for students, and the aim of our model for school and work experience coordination in our regions is that students in relevant training programmes will account for a growing proportion of our recruitment pool.