Ambea works through the brands Nytida, Vardaga, Stendi, Altiden and Klara. We also have the training company Lära.

personer sitter och äter runt matbord

Nytida: Support that strengthens individuals

Nytida supports children, adolescents and adults with disabilities or psychosocial problems in their needs throughout life.

äldre kvinna i röd-vitrandig tröja tittar p kvinna

Vardaga: Elderly care for quality of life

Vardaga offers person-centred health and social care in residential care homes for the elderly.

Stendi: Care solutions in Norway

Stendi is the largest private care provider in Norway. The company offers a wide range of care solutions for children and young people, adults and the elderly.

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Altiden: Growing care in Denmark

Altiden is Denmark’s largest private care provider with disability care services, nursing homes, home care and rehabilitation.

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Klara: Care competence in new ways

Klara provides qualified and competent staff for social welfare services, including ambulatory care teams and student health service staffing.

manlig utbildare står framför sittande personer

Lära: training that makes a difference

Lära develops and offers skills development training and coaching in disability care, the social services field, aged care, and schools.