Klara: Care competence in new ways

Klara provides qualified and competent staff for social welfare services, including ambulatory care teams and student health service staffing.

As one of the leading providers of staffing for social care providers in Sweden, Klara places thousands of care workers every year. Customers are mainly municipalities, county councils and other private social care providers.

Klara Team

Klara Team offers on-call ambulatory care teams for day, evening and night shifts at nursing homes. Ambulatory care teams are also available for day shifts at residential LSS facilities. The service is offered on a subscription basis. A key group of clients is small facilities that may find it difficult to maintain sufficient staffing capacity.

Klara Team also has rehabilitation teams with occupational therapists and physiotherapists who work on a consultative basis with elderlycare and LSS, as well as training courses.


Elevhälsan in Klara can assume care provider responsibility for the medical treatment offered by student health services. Klara also offers staffing solutions for all of Elevhälsan’s professional categories, such as doctors, nurses and psychologists, who are outsourced for both long-term and short-term placements.


Klara is a certified staffing company that supplies temporary nurses, psychologists and speech pathologists. The services include both long-term and short-term solutions. A large staffing pool is essential for finding the right person for each placement. Klara has more than 3,000 nurses in its database.

Complement to Ambea’s core business operations

In addition to placements for external clients, Klara also supports Ambea’s core business operations. Klara offers cost-efficient emergency care teams and rehabilitation staff for Vardaga and Nytida, and is also a source for the recruitment of nurses and unit managers.

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