Nytida: Support that strengthens individuals

Nytida is the leading disability care company in Sweden. We provide support and care for children, young people and adults with lifelong disabilities and psychosocial problems.

At Nytida’s just over 400 units, 8,500 employees provide support and care adapted to the strengths, abilities and preferences of each care receiver. The operations are divided into three segments: disability care, individual and family care, and school.

Disability care

People with disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder or acquired brain injury often have a lifelong need for support and care. Due to Nytida’s broad range of services, we can offer a complete spectrum of care with personalised support throughout all stages and needs of life. Services for children and young people include child care homes, holiday camps and short-term housing. Services for adults include group homes, assisted living facilities and day services.

Individual and family care

The aim of individual and family care is to help individuals gradually develop skills for a better everyday life and eventually become independent. The care receivers have a wide range of difficulties, such as substance abuse, self-harming behaviour or criminality, often combined with mental or neuropsychiatric disabilities. Nytida offers person-centred support such as HVB homes (homes for care or residence), assisted living facilities, supported living facilities, foster homes, sheltered housing, non-residential care and assessments for children, young people and adults.


All children and young people have a right to attend a school where they can develop according to their own ability, feel secure and respect, and be able to succeed. For children and young people with neuropsychiatric disabilities, Nytida offers day-care centres, elementary schools, special needs elementary schools and special needs upper secondary schools in accordance with the Swedish Education Act. Teaching is adapted to the strengths and developmental skills of each individual.

A focus on the needs of every care receiver

The support and care offered by Nytida requires employees with high levels of knowledge and skill in the established methodologies. A key starting point is personalised interventions for every care receiver. The focus lies on the strengths, abilities and preferences of each individual. The goal is to
enable as much independence as possible and quality of life.

Pedagogical framework

One tool for personalising support is Nytida’s pedagogical framework. It is an approach and guidance that gives employees the conditions they need to understand the needs of individuals and respond to them with adequate methods and tools. The framework is based on Ambea’s set of values, evidence-based practice, the low-arousal approach and person-centred care.

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