Social sustainability

Social sustainability is engrained in our DNA, as an employer and in our units. Here we are focused on quality improvement, OHS, leadership, diversity and inclusion, where competence development is key to the achievement of our targets.

Young woman sings in a microphone.

Diversity and inclusion

Since 2016, Ambea has been running a number of projects in Sweden to offer work experience, training and job opportunities for newly arrived residents. The aim is to find valuable employees for our units, while also promoting social integration. Moreover, we believe that diverse experience and perspectives are crucial to our company’s long-term success.

There are several work-oriented day services in Nytida, where our coaches work with care receivers in a structured manner to find work experience placements with the
ultimate goal of employment in the open labour market.

About 50% of the new arrivals who have joined Ambea over the past two years have either continued to work at the company or are now studying to become a care worker.

Abeba Fisshaye, Team Manager Vardaga

From trainee to team manager

Abeba Fisshaye’s journey in Vardaga began seven years ago, when she took part in a language trainee programme at a nursing home. After an employment on hourly basis followed by a temporary position, she finally was offered a permanent employment as a care assistant, alongside a nursing assistant course. Today she is Team Manager for a dementia unit with about ten employees and 20 care receivers.

“Vardaga’s support is invaluable. The best place to learn a language, and about culture and work is in the workplace with colleagues.”

Abeba Fisshaye, Team Manager Vardaga