Altiden: Growing care in Denmark

Altiden is Denmark’s largest private care provider with disability care services, nursing homes, home care and rehabilitation.

Altiden operates about 30 units across Denmark, where some 1,000 employees work every day to create quality of life, security and development for the care receivers in their units. The goal is that every person can live the life they want, and support is adapted to meet individual needs and preferences.

Care for adults with disabilities

Altiden has extensive experience and specialist expertise in support and care for people with disabilities such as brain damage, autism, ADHD and intellectual disabilities. The offering consist of residential facilities and home support, as well as extra support for young adults in the form of networks.

Care for children and young people with disabilities

For children and young people with disabilities such as autism and attention deficit disorders, Altiden offers residential special schools. Here, the focus lies on the young person’s strengths, not their weaknesses, and the activities are adapted to the needs of each individual.

Elderly care

For the elderly, Altiden offers a wide range of care services:

  • Nursing homes with a wide range of activities for a meaningful daily life, and a focus on good food and pleasant mealtimes.
  • Day centres with get-togethers and social activities for the elderly who have moved to a nursing home, as well as those who are still living in their homes. The visitors can cook or exercise together, for example, or listen to an interesting talk.
  • Rehabilitation centres to help people recover from a serious accident or illness. The goal is to improve physical abilities to enable a fast return to daily life.

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